Zan Atlantean updated Hosting and Maintenance plans

As the web changes, so does our approach to creating and maintaining cutting edge websites. Our goal is to offer you the best services and tools to achieve your business goals by taking a modular approach to our hosting and maintenance plans.  It is because of this, that we have created the below a la carte menu, so that you can customize your services according to your needs.

Here is a brief overview of the different services we are developing. Please check out the three options below and feel free to contact your client service representative if you have any questions.


One: Hosting

Your site will be hosted on a Virtual Private Server. This means that your site is on its own private environment instead of being thrown onto a server with a bunch of other sites (known as shared hosting). Although cheaper, Shared Hosting carries dangers with it in that if another site on the server is hacked, or takes too many resources, your site will also be vulnerable and suffer.

Basic Hosting: $7.50/mo
Advanced Hosting: $15/mo

Two: Updates

Updates keep your site in line with modern browsers, secure against attacks, and introduce new features from plugins. Our update process takes a snapshot of the site and data before the update to make sure no functionality is lost.

Monthly Updates: $10/mo
Bi-weekly Updates: $15/mo
Core Updates: ~$300/yr

Three: Performance Tuneup: $15/mo

This service adds an extra layer of attention to the stock hosting service by evaluating the site’s performance and keeping security measures up to date.