Music4Peace Logo

We designed the logo for Music4Peace San Diego, a group that supports the International Day of Peace and the universal themes of peace, tolerance, and unity.  Since then, Music4Peace groups in other cities have begun using the logo as well.

According to Music4Peace SD’s Facebook, the “objective of Music4Peace San Diego is threefold:
1. To promote global awareness of and increase participation in the International Day of Peace, a yearly event initiated by the IDP-NGO committee at the United Nations.
2. To provide an online forum for educators and students to share programs specific to the creative arts that could be implemented in schools and community centers worldwide.
3. To support emerging artists who promote peace-building messages through the universal language of music. Literary coaches, musicians, and sound engineers work in conjunction with high school students and alumni to empower young adults to draw from their inner voice to create meaningful music that will interweave itself into the psyche of a multi-generational audience.”



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