Why do we use WordPress?

It’s pretty simple:

  1. The largest support community on the web
  2. A straight-forward and beautiful administrator interface
  3. Over 30,000 official plugins on the open source library

Most importantly: Longevity.

WordPress is the strongest open source Content Management System out there. Why dish out tons of cash on a proprietary system that might not do exactly what you want? We can get your site up today and teach you to keep it running in less than an hour. But will the system work for your needs next year? What if you want someone else to start managing your content? What if you want a different agency to make you a new site? Being the largest CMS out there (it powers 20% of all websites), chances are whoever you talk to has used WordPress. If they haven’t, it won’t take them long to find pages of tutorials.

What if you want to switch your theme’s super edgy red color scheme to a welcoming green? You can customize your theme without writing a single line of HTML or CSS. You can even change the entire layout and maintain your content architecture. Your simple blogging site today can quickly grow into a large eCommerce solution tomorrow.

With the largest community behind it, WordPress is a tank engine that fits in a ferrari.

Here are just a few brands using WordPress:

Brands Using WordPress

And here are some more